Recycling & Regulation

Control Your Business

CRV Have you ever been accused of any of the following:
Purchasing wet cans
Site history
Incorrect Inspections
Prohibit Baling
Previously baled containers
Using more than 1 pen on logs
Incomplete Logs
Overwriting/White-out on logs
Cancellations Letters
Missing names/signatures
Daily Summaries
Out of state/Rejected Containers
Withholding reimbursements for recyclers & processors
Misinterpretation & application of regulation (underground regulation)
Payment Reduction for commingled loads
Scales not sealed
Splitting Tickets

With division inspectors swarming over processor locations in the past month, recyclers have received a significant number of violations. Many have been without foundation or a violation of the regulations. To prevent this, we have created a basic training program in both english and spanish. Please call or email for information.

California Use Only
I.D. each person by type
Payment Denials