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Who we are:

Upper Room Consulting is dedicated to educating and training businesses, local jurisdictions and government agencies to improve regulating. The issues are common to all.
With almost 30 years in recycling, we have an intimate understanding of recycling and its affects from regulation and legislation.

What we do:

•  Inform clients about legislation and regulatory issues
       •  Audit operations and procedures  
•  Train client staff on regulations and the regulatory process
•  Provide executive coaching
•  Assist with equipment selection, computer information systems selection and implementation
•  Help clients obtain necessary permits and certifications

How can we help you:

•  We have superior knowledge of the regulatory process in the industry and help businesses read and understand regulations

•  We teach the format that allows recycling businesses to get involved in the regulatory process by making their comments effective and heard

•  We advocate on behalf of businesses and speak as an expert witness

•  We provide analysis of future legislation and proposed regulation changes

•  We give instructions to protect recycling business investments and supply guidance to business operators

•  We train employees and prevent them from making avoidable violations by developing simple manuals, signage, documents, etc.


•  “I have known and worked with Leonard Lang for the better part of two decades, and in that time I have been impressed with his ability to comprehend and work within the regulatory process. He has educated various businesses relative to their understanding of a very complex subject area and has advised them in how best to make the process work in their favor. He has always strived to improve California’s business environment.”
Tim Flanagan, The Flanagan Law Firm

•  “Leonard is highly capable at analyzing the often difficult language of public code and translating it in a manner that can be readily understood by the average business person. He fully understands the procedural requirements that government agencies must follow in the process of promulgating regulations. In many instances Leonard’s written comments and testimony at agency hearings on behalf of his clients have resulted in a positive outcome for those clients. I am pleased to recommend Leonard to anyone whose business is or may become subject to regulatory oversight.”
– Lee Johnson,

Current ASI Recycling Coordinator, CSU Long Beach; Former President 20/20 Recycle Centers (NexCycle); Former California Resource Recovery Association Board Member; Former President Convenience Zone Recyclers Association; Co-author Towards A Comprehensive State Recycling Policy and Program

What sets us apart:

•  We have over 20 years of success helping businesses in the recycling industry and know the regulations and processes inside and out

•  Our experience includes executive management as well as litigation

•  We have additional experience in training and management consulting as well as information systems selection

Leonard Lang
Leonard Lang, Upper Room Consulting

The Reality ...
Recyclers are going to have to get much smarter right away or be forced out of business…
Help is finally available ... 
•In the past, there have been limited resources available to help companies in the recycling industry understand regulations and the regulatory process… Qualified training programs and specialized consultants were virtually non-existent
•A few professionals experienced with litigation and regulation in the recycling industry are stepping up to provide solutions for businesses in California

•So what would you need to look for in recruiting this type of partner?

•One who can consult on the management process of recycling in general, and suggest ways to model your business to adapt to this regulated environment

•Experience counts - Only a professional with at least 15 years of experience would know regulations inside and out and be able to read, investigate, interpret, and educate on recycling regulations & changes

•Operating and Bottom-line responsibility

•Has a legislative background

•Is well-connected with industry associations and lobbyists, and could work on your behalf as an expert witness in litigation

•Is a highly-trained communications expert

•Can draft recommended regulations and assist with petitions for regulation changes
Our hope is that you learned that regulations must not be ignored or dealt with passively… it takes training, understanding, and the help of the right partner to protect your business.

highly recommend an audit of your operations. This comprehensive evaluation will identify areas of non-compliance allowing you to protect your company from the challenges of regulation, making it bullet proof!!

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