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Welcome! is dedicated to educating and training businesses and local jurisdictions involved in recycling within California's regulated environment.  We are dedicated to making the process better for business, the public and government agencies.  Why?  In many companies there is a belief that the best path is not to make waves so as to elicit persecution or retribution by government regulators.  This occurs when management ignores the written regulation in favor of “just trying to get along”.  There is a cost associated with this method.  First, there is a de-emphasis on knowing regulations and secondly, the cost of responding to the whims of any regulator.  This usually ends up with unnecessary and burdensome agreements as well as fines.  The way to prevent all of this is to know the regulatory process.

It's About TIME This Service Was Offered!


One of the primary reasons that businesses fail in the regulatory 
process is time.  Time is always a limited resource, and regulations
take time.  We save you time, and time is money.  

We focus on the 7 problem areas that cost you to lose money and
subject you to fines and enforcement actions. 

We identify the 11 red flags that indicate a dangerous lack of

We provide the solution which makes it easy to learn, easy to
implement, and easy to direct the process to protect your

We provide you with the 9 things you must know to control the
regulatory process.  This education and training gives you the
knowledge to become competent and control your own destiny.
Our research has proven that response to regulation formation and
changes are almost nonexistent, and those that do respond are
ignored because they didn't know how to respond properly. 
Don't leave yourself vulnerable to this happening to you. 

Existing areas affecting recycling that are covered by regulation:
Electronic Waste
Universal Waste
Beverage Container Funds/ CRV
Weights and Measures
Certified Appliance Recycling
Transfer Stations
Air Resources Board .... plus more

Under regulation there is always the potential for catastrophic risk.  Generally speaking the management of most companies treat the occurrence of catastrophic damage as unlikely to happen and difficult to predict.  Therefore most choose to ignore it until it happens. But in California, people are being jailed, charged with enormous fines and penalties,  incur significant legal costs and are being put out of business. On top of this CalRecycle payment denials have cost companies millions of dollars. 

Historically owners, investors and corporate decision-makers tend to approach the regulatory process in one of three ways.  There's the “we’re all in it together” approach, where they assume if things get too bad everyone will protest in unison.  They ignore risks because they're too scary or too complex, and what can we do about them anyway?  Then there is the “let the big guys lead” philosophy.  We’ll ride along in the wake of the companies with more resources who are better equipped to deal with this.  If the big boys are safe, so are we.  Finally, there is the “we have our own expert".  The expert seems to know what they're doing but where and how did they learn it?  Generally it's from talking to people at the state since there is no school for it.  Besides, they seem to know what they're doing.  That is until the company gets shut down, hit with a large fine, or denied payment by the state.  This is followed by a mad scramble to find attorneys and assets necessary to solve the problem, generally at significant cost.  Attorneys are not trained or familiar with the regulatory process so expect them to learn about it while you pay them.  They will still not know everything they should to represent you.  The only way to protect yourself is to learn the process. 


We will save you time and money by:
• Teaching you the regulatory process. Not everything, just what you need.
• Give you the instructions to protect your investment. Businesses are shut down because they don't know the law!
• Supply guidance and reminders to avoid fines (Net Cost Report, DTSC Handler, DR6 Reports, DR7 Reports, E-waste 
& CRV Payments).
• Inform and provide analysis of proposed legislation and regulation changes. We talk to the agencies for you.
• Teach you the format to make your comments effective and heard. This dictates how you study the regulations and 
helps you control the process.
• Drill you on the differences between regulation vs. underground regulation. They tell you things that aren't the law!
• Prevent your employees from making avoidable violations by developing simple manuals, signage, documents, etc.
• Advocate on your behalf because some fear government retaliation.
• Prepare you for the future! You'll hear about changes by CalRecycle, DTSC, DOC, Weights & Measures, etc.
• Got a related issue and need help with the research? We will help you.

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